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Property Valuation Services

Real Estate Valuation Services For Residential, Commercial & Rural Properties

Drawing upon over decades of combined theory and practical experience our priority is to always maintain your confidentiality as well as offer quality advice, detailed reports and an accurate property valuation service.

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Our Property Valuation Services

Pre-Sale Valuations Qld

Pre-Sale Valuations

A pre-sale valuation can be best described as an assessment of a property’s value prior to its sale or acquisition. There are many factors that are taken into consideration when determining the value of a property. This includes; the current market conditions and the potential for growth in the area. Our valuers also take into consideration the supply and demand of similar properties and the overall economic climate.

Undertaking a Pre-Sale Valuation, from an independent valuer, provides you with the knowledge and understanding of how much your property is truly worth vs what your Real Estate Agent (working on commission) tells you it’s worth. Go into the sale process with confidence knowing that your property is on the market for the right price. Remember – Price/worth and value can sometimes be different.

When a property is priced accurately, the negotiation process is often easier and faster. A happy seller and a happy buyer = A great result for all parties involved.

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Pre-Purchase Property Valuations

By engaging with an independent property valuer to undertake a Pre-Purchase Valuation means it will be unclouded by the biases of the seller, real estate agents, banks or other lenders.

As a potential buyer, obtaining an unbiased estimate is ideal if you are looking to make a cash offer, or preparing to purchase at auction, or indeed require a valuation for Stamp Duty of potential future Capital Gains Tax.

With the right knowledge, you can make a more informed and financially clear decision, preventing you from over capitalising and to also identify any opportunities where the value far exceeds the asking price.

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Pre-Purchase Valuations Brisbane
Capital Gains Tax Valuation Services North Qld

Capital Gains Tax

If you own a capital asset, including real estate, and decide to sell it, one of two things will happen. You will make either a Capital Gain or a Capital Loss.

As an Australian resident, your Capital Gains Tax will be applicable to assets that are kept anywhere around the world with either gains or losses needing to be legally declared in your annual income tax return. If you own an investment property that was acquired after 19 Sep. 1985, it may be subject to capital gains tax.

Prior to selling, undertaking an independent property valuation will help you understand how much tax you would be required to pay. This can help better inform you as to when, how much and even if it is the right time to sell your property. An independent valuer can also ensure that when you do sell, that your sale price and tax obligation is accurately calculated (because nobody wants to pay too much tax). Further, you may require a valuation undertaken retrospectively (back dated), from when the property was your principal place of residence and you started renting it out.

We also recommend undertaking an independent valuation if you are planning to move out of your current home and turn it into an investment property. This way, you can ask for the right rate of rent based on the true value of your property.

Other Capital Gains Facts

A Capital Gain is when you dispose of an asset that is greater than what it cost you to acquire it.

A Capital Loss is when the final value of your asset is less than what it originally cost you to obtain it

  • The majority of real estate, for example; a commercial premise, vacant land or a rental property or holiday house will be subject to capital gains tax
  • As a property owner, it is your responsibility to under any tax implications
  • Capital gains Tax Purposes  incl; House and Curtilage area differentiating – especially integral for Rural residential and Rural properties

Mediation / Dispute Resolution

Mediation can be a difficult process for all involved, so why make it any more stressful. With the help of one of our independent property valuers, you’ll have all of the necessary information you need to ensure a fair, unbiased valuation assessment of any property involved in your dispute.

We work with our clients throughout common disputes ranging from deceased estate or will disputes, business partnerships gone south and even disputes between property owners and their local Council.

It is common for each party to want to seek their own valuation assessment. Our Valuers are happy to liaise with other Valuers to reach a fair and equitable agreement for all parties involved.

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Independent property valuation services for Mediation, Dispute Resolution
Brisbane property valuation services for Family Law matters

Family Law – Matrimonial and Mediation

Relationship breakdowns can be extremely traumatic, tense and upsetting, particularly in regards to the division of property.

During the property settlement process, our independent property valuers will provide a fully detailed, long-form valuation report, without any emotional attachment. Our full valuation process is fully documented and unbiased so that any division of property assets is fair and accurate.

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Resumptions / Acquisitions

If you have a proprietary interest in the land, you may receive a copy of the gazette notice and a compensation claim form to complete and return to the resuming party. At that point, engage a registered valuer and/or solicitor to prepare and lodge your claim.

Reasonable fees incurred in the preparation and lodgement for your claim can be reimbursed as part of the overall settlement of compensation. Assessment is based on the market value of the property (or your interest in the property) at the date of the gazette notice in accordance with the Acquisition of Land Act

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Queensland land valuation services for Resumptions / Acquisitions

Real Estate Valuations Without The Bias

Real estate valuation for Building, Body Corporate & Strata Insurance

Building Insurance

Including: Residential & Commercial Building Insurance and Body Corporate & Strata Insurance

Insurance replacement costs include; The sum insured should include all costs that would be incurred in replacing the building, including:

  • The cost of making the damaged building safe and any demolition required
  • Cost of constructing a similar building on the same site
  • Any Professional fees relating to the new building / works
  • Allowance for any escalation in costs

Strata Insurance is a requirement for Body Corporates for both residential strata and commercial strata properties. The team at IPVQ will provide you with an independent assessment of market-based replacement cost on any residential property, small commercial, small unit blocks, and industrial properties in your portfolio / management.

We walk you through the Strata Insurance process and provide all the relevant valuation reporting required for building insurance advice reports for body corporates to assess the appropriate level of insurance cover for a building or complex that is part of a community title scheme.

Want to check whether your property is over or under insured?

Superannuation Fund

We will help you undertake a property valuation in relation to the preparation of your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) financial reporting. In Australia, a valuation of assets must be completed, at a minimum, every 3 years. This needs to be done to confirm that your SMSF is complying with relevant superannuation law.

We can help you during the acquisition of assets between SMSFs and related parties. We can also help you determine the value of assets that support a member’s super pension and so much more.

Generally the reporting for these Funds will be 30 June, therefore we can undertake Retrospective valuations more than likely prior to the end of the next financial year, as gaining access to all properties on the same day may be problematic.

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Independent property value estimate for SMSF
Qld home value estimator for rent reviews

Rent Reviews

This type of assessment is a market-based exercise where the Valuer obtains the most recent, relevant and reliable market evidence to help them base a judgment of how much their rental property is worth. Our rent appraisals cover residential, industrial, commercial and retail properties throughout the S.E Qld and Sunshine Coast regions.

As part of our process to determine your property’s value, we look at similar uses for your premises, local market data as well as other value indicators.

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Check Valuations

Sometimes you might just want to know the Current Market Value of your property or would like to obtain a comparison valuation. It is wise to seek a second opinion, particularly if your current appraisal has been carried out on behalf of a lending institution or by a real estate who might have other motivations to either under or over value your property.

As a group of independent property valuers, our valuations are 100% unbiased, realistic and accurate.

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