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Welcome To Independent Property Valuers QLD

Property Valuations With Integrity & Accuracy

The team at Independent Property Valuers QLD (IPVQ), prides themselves on being honest, accurate and friendly. Our Valuers have experience ranging from 10 to 35 years working in the industry and are punctual, reliable and extremely sensitive to our client’s privacy and needs.

All Our Valuers:

  • Are either Fellows or Associates of the API
    (Australian Property Institute)
  • Have CPV (Certified Practicing Valuer) status
  • Are registered with the QLD Valuers Registration Board
  • Are members of the Australian Property Institute

Experienced | Friendly | Confidential

Independent Property Valuers Brisbane, Qld

Real Estate Valuations Without The Bias

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Strong Attention to Detail

We understand that our customers value and deserve our full attention, that we make their goals a top priority and ensure the accuracy and impartiality of our processes. 

Many property valuation firms focus on mortgage security valuations as their niche. So when it comes to a valuation request that is unrelated to mortgage security and is not provided by a bank, we take out any doubt of impartiality and lack of efficiency. We don’t want your valuations to result in pricing disparity, time delays and becoming more of an inconvenience rather than a solution. 

Thankfully, we do things differently here at Independent Property Valuers QLD! Our reports are all self-composed and long form, not just a short form proforma. Backed by literally decades of expertise, your IPVQ Valuation Report and subsequent property valuation will be accurate, fair and fully documented.

Impartiality & Fairness

One of the biggest advantages of working with us is the fact that we can provide our clients with a fair and accurate appraisal that is not clouded by any third parties. We are able to do this because we are not real estate agents and because IPVQ is not affiliated with any specific law firm or bank. We always strive to provide our clients with an accurate assessment of their property’s value – Unbiased and not influenced by personal interests or emotions. We look at everything objectively so you can make better financial decisions based on logic.

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Unbiased property valuations, land valuations & house value estimates

Experience & Integrity

With decades of collective knowledge, our team are ready and eager to guide you through this process. In addition to our knowledge of local real estate markets, we also work hard to stay up to date with industry changes and regulations so that you don’t have to. We will explain how different things can influence the value of your property as well as insights into the current market conditions and how they might change in the future.

We are also sensitive to your right to privacy. We do not share your details nor disclose any part of your valuation to any third parties.

Need Some Advice To Help You Determine The Value Of Your Property?

We Value all types of Property:

Residential / Rural / Commercial

We Value all types of Property for all different reasons;

  • Pre-Sale
  • Pre – Purchase
  • Capital gains Tax
  • Mediation
  • Check Valuations
  • Deceased Estate Valuations

  • Stamp Duty
  • Family Law – Matrimonial
  • Resumptions / Acquisitions
  • Building Insurance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Superannuation Funds
  • Rent Reviews
Independent property value estimates Queensland Wide

Property Valuers, For Every Situation

The team at Independent Property Valuers QLD, cater towards a large range of clients and situations. Our valuations cover residential, commercial and rural properties and are both realistic and impartial.

Current and Retrospective Valuations Residential, Commercial, Rural properties

We also offer both Current and Retrospective Valuations for Residential, Commercial or Rural properties. If there may be any access difficulties for your property, particularly during a Retrospective Valuation, we can undertake an External Valuation, so that way we don’t disturb any current occupants / tenants.

We Assist:

  • Hopeful homeowners and sellers during Pre-Sale and Pre-Purchase
  • Individuals in need of a valuation for Capital Gains Tax purposes
  • Couples going through a Family Law case or Mediation proceedings
  • Retirees to get an accurate valuation for their Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Realistic and Impartial Property Valuations

Where We Service

We have Brisbane Valuers, Sunshine Coast Valuers, covering South East Qld with fast and reliable service. We value anywhere in Queensland, depending on your time frames.

Offering Face to face, phone and virtual appointments, we regular service all-over South-East Queensland and the Sunshine Coast.

The majority of our clients are scattered all over local government areas including, Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Redlands, Logan, Somerset, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Lockyer Valley.

If your portfolio is far and wide in Queensland, we can organise to do them all rather than dealing with separate firms.

Would You Like To Know More About The Services We Provide?

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Queensland land valuation and property estimates

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The Independent Property Valuers QLD (IPVQ)

More About Us

The Independent Property Valuers QLD team has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our Founding Director commenced his career as valuer by undertaking a Real Estate Valuation and Administration degree at The University of Queensland (via Gatton Campus) in 1990. 

Since, he has gone on to be involved with developing and building within the property industry. He was also named the second highest selling principal in a Ray White Rural Office across the entire state of Queensland. He has also completed a Master’s Degree in Property Studies at The University of Queensland. 

He has worked as a valuer for many years covering all areas of Property to some of the biggest and smallest firms, prior to taking up a more senior role as a Lead Valuer for an international firm.

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